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Tue Aug 11 2020 0:57:43 Mountain Daylight Time


Our Web interface is designed to provide our customers the ability to track current shipments and Freight document lookup 24 hours a day.


Provides our customers with details about the status of their shipments has always been a time consuming process for your employees. With our Web interface you can instantly get access to delivery information that is crucial to your business. You can easily track the status of current shipments online using the information specific to a freight bill. By Pickup or Delivery Date Range, Purchase Order Number or any Tracking Numbers that are supplied with the Freight order.

Pickup Request

Traditionally to process a requested pickup you have to speak directly to our customer service representative, email or fax the request, get all the information into our system you manually enter this information. And our customer Service representative will phone you back to confirm the pickup details. With this interface the process can be completed online 24 hours a day. Your requested pickup details like the delivery time, the exact type and quantity of freight, the temperature requirements of the freight and even requests for specific equipment.